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Tuesday, July 7, 2015


That is what you called me after I sent you this:

....You know, I truly believe that whenever we REALLY want do something, we find the way and when we actually don't want to do it, we will just simply find excuses... you are a real expert on that!
I didn't see or notice any real interest on you to meet with me and that is the last attitude I can minimum expect from a friend and of course I know you would like to point your lovely "excuses" you like, about having a room to rent as that has to be related for me to come and see you. I didn't need you to find me a place. I could pay for my own hotel or stay with friends, I was looking forward just to share with YOU. It was so difficult to meet with you again back in your country I really don't know what I was expecting from you in a different one!
I'm not agree and I have decided I'm not longer interested in "being" your friend. Or the definition you have as friend with ME. Just please don't think is a decision based only because we didn't meet now there more things on you, and I don't like how you treat me. As once you said, we are really different.

And I believe, I still have my reasons.
Yes, well I know I made mistakes, I'm aware I could have acted differently
but I like you so much, I couldn't handle this anymore!!!!

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