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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Is happening now

If somebody would tell me
that on July 2015 
I would be living all the things I have been dreaming about
Having the life I always wanted.... (and maybe a better one)
Probably.. I would smile and it would feed my inspiration
Maybe, somebody did.
So to that person who truly believe in me (even more than myself)

Yes, I'm living the dream

I'm doing what I love
I hear myself sharing my stories
and I'm amaze
with all the situations 
I had to live to get to this point

I want to inspire
I want to share

Now is the only way

That I can imagine my life from now
Inspiring and Sharing

It had become my air and water

and I need to continue
because in September 2025
I would be thinking about
who inspired me today.

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