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Friday, March 29, 2013

ai citit pe blog-ul meu?

Is this real?
Is really someone reading this in Romania?
Do you speak english? or do you preffer me to write only in spanish?
so many questions that I  have,  just because BLOGSPOT is telling me,
that someone in Romania is reading my blog.
Just because of that and ofcourse my curious mind that is always giving me more countries, villages, little towns to discover, i'm willing to go there and see Romania with my own eyes.
Im doing my research about the Country, 238,391 km2 , the latest census in 2011 says 19,043,767 people, 86.7% of the country's population identified as Orthodox Christian. bla bla bla
After reading Wikipedia about Romania, numbers , religion, lenguages,cities etc etc.
I think, the magic of a Country comes from their people and I want to discover and learn from them.... it's a challenge, maybe they just read my blog by chance,  but this made my curiosity waked up.
So Romania wait for me and when I get there I'm sure you will be not just the one who read me also the one who inspire me to write!!!