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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My stupid effort to like you less

-Please Tell me bad habits about you

-Ohh ok lets exchange, but wait, why do you want to know bad things about me ?

- Well....Because I want to like you less...
so actually, I need to tell you good things about me, in that way, you could probably like me more. And only then,  we both will be in the same level of liking each other.

After a couple bad habits you said about you, that actualy didnt worked at all to like you less, and my pity effort to tell you good things about me, I totally fell sleep thinking...............

when I woke up I just said "good morning" with a question
- Did I snore too much ?
and you just answer

- mmm well yes a little bit .. and you know what ?
that’s a bad habit !!!

we started to laughed but.....


How ironic this was!